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  1. Even though it is not one of the most sophisticated time synced movie and subtitle synchronization solutions, worth mentioning is the fact that it is suitable for use on both the Windows and Mac platforms.
    This is a very accessible and easy-to-use program, suitable for novice users as well as advanced users.

    Subtitle Totalizer is a very lightweight, simple and convenient software that aims to help novice users create their own text logs. Using this tool, users can create

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  2. Dominant negative suppression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) production by antisense cDNA selectively reduces angiogenesis and the growth of a rat glioma model.
    Inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced angiogenesis using a dominant negative (DN) approach has been shown to be effective in preclinical and clinical studies. However, direct targeting of VEGF expression resulted in unacceptable side effects in mice, suggesting that even moderate inhibition of VEG

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  3. For the Love of Life (song)

    «For the Love of Life» is a song written by Vicki Brown, Stacy Topa and Jerry Brantley, and recorded by American country music artist Joe Diffie. It was released in November 1993 as the fourth single and title track from his album For the Love of Life. The song reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

    Chart positions

    Year-end charts


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  4. You can also save your results in a file, so when you do math operations at work, you can transfer the result to the user named spreadsheet package when you open a spreadsheet.

    Version 14.1.11

    Changed the font of the user manual and added information about how to enter decimal places.

    Version 14.1.9

    Fixed some bugs.

    Version 14.1.8

    Began supporting importing Spreadsheets from Excel

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  5. Computations with trigonometric and hyperbolic functions are supported and are the key feature of the application. Regarding the efficiency of the program we can only say that it works really quickly.


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  6. (similar to locate, locate –listing–)
    ■ Eliminating junk files silently.

    The program is very stealth in its behavior and will not show any windows while cleaning your system.
    It uses simple and straight-forward routines to delete the junk files from the target directory and then removable devices.
    How to use:

    At any time you can press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to enter a batch file or shortcut menu to activate the program. Be sure to

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  7. Programs such as iTunes and Apple Music come with features that allow users to sync their playlists, home collections and, well, listen to their favorite artists. Now, this article tells you how to use the iTunes song and music libraries to quickly find music and get them to your phone’s inbox and playlists.

    Faces use a set of facial recognition features on Windows 10 to automatically tell contacts apart. This can be useful in lots of scenarios. For example, you can open

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  8. The screensaver of Room 12A has many power features, such as external synchronization, weather, world time and Microsoft Print to Go. Enjoy Room 12A free screensaver.

    Room 12A – Free Screensaver

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  9. Portable and lightweight, is it tough to rely on?


    Mobile phones are hard to trust sometimes, especially when it comes to software. One needs to get a solid perception of reliability, resilience and responsible management of its own personal information; our private information.
    Things can, and often do, go wrong. It happened to me on a regular basis when Outlook was installed on my PC, and the sad fact is that it did go wrong. The problem has

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  10. Chewing the Fat on All Day Long

    I’ve been thinking about that year I realized I wasn’t just a janey doing something I was dedicated to. That I was dedicated to doing something I didn’t want to. On that day, it was takin’ over 30 seconds to piss. I’ve gotten better with it, but still the 30 second ordeal. So what do you do when the thing you’re dedicated to doing makes you not want to do it? Well,

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  11. Requirements:
    How to install CopyTrans Cloudly on a PC (Windows system)

    Download the application on the official website
    Open the program and sign in with your Apple credentials
    Go to the Account view and click Download on the cloud that contains the files you want to download
    Register on the Download Cloud view as you import the files

    What is the latest version of CopyTrans Cloudly for Windows? (Download [14,570 KB])


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  12. Given that posting to a forum here gets my’reputation’ slapped down pretty easily…


    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the kind words in the other post. When I said «spam» I was referring to trying to boost my DB listings and favourability ratings with meaningless posts. The difference between me posting on the forums and spamming is that my post are edited by me. I have over 250 posts here, so I know how to

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  13. Play Password, once leaked, will make your SWF contents as out dated as internet. And this utility is very easy to use. The utility is able to flash all the SWF content stored on your hard drive including videos, games and any type of Flash SWF files. It is able to create HTML pages from SWF files and add them to your webpage as Flash embeds. This makes it as easy as just dropping a SWF file to your webpage.

    SWF Encry

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  14. By downloading software/applications you agree to our terms & conditions and privacy policy.
    All the software/apps submitted work on our website are owned by the respective publisher. Data mining is strictly prohibited.

    This website and its content (including links to other websites) are presented in general form only. We are not responsible for any actions taken on the basis of information provided on this website.Q:

    grep: error with regular expression

    I use GNU

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